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New equipment… and more!

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We are pleased to announce that we have been increasing our inventory of equipment, and have recently purchased a Boxx OB RF Receiver. This means that we now have 2 complete HD RF wireless systems, suitable for all applications.


We have 2 camera-mounted TX units, plus 2 RX units (suitable for Outside Broadcast, Live Events / Multicamera, & Video Assist on set).

We own both an OB Receiver, which has multiple antennae and is stand mounted, and a portable Receiver, which is suitable for use in a variety of mounting options, including use with portable LCDs. It can also be stand mounted.


With our existing Telex Radio Comms kit, we now have the facility to provide 2 complete wireless HD or SD camera channels in-house. The RF links can support all video formats:- HD-SDI, SDI, component HD / SD, and composite. We also have HD-SDI Das, to provide multiple HD-SDI outputs, and we can also output simultaneous composite video for preview monitoring purposes if required.


We have been offering wireless camera solutions for some years now, but have now reached the stage of providing full kits for both handheld and Steadicam options. We have recently even used one of our links as a point-to-point RF link with our Jimmy Jib camera crane. We also provided a full RF kit for the World Netball Series in Liverpool (handheld camera) & British Military Tournament in London (Steadicam).


For Live Events, Music, and Awards shows, we offer great quality service packages. We have a standard package of a 2-man crew plus all the kit – which includes Steadicam Operator, Steadicam Rig (inc. zoom & focus), Steadicam/RF Assistant, RF Wireless Link Kit, Radio Comms and HD or SD camera and lens (if required).  We can also integrate seamlessly into our clients’ PPU or equivalent, by providing additional RF Telemetry kits – to enable our camera to be racked remotely by the Vision Engineer, to match other triax cabled cameras. Our RF Links have zero compression, and zero delay – cutting perfectly with other cabled systems cameras – making them a perfect choice for Multicamera applications…and also perfect for Video Assist on set of dramas and music promos.


We now have

2 x Steadicam systems

1 x Jimmy Jib Camera Crane (6ft-40ft)

2 x HD RF Wireless Links

1 x 17” HD Monitor

Camera Support Accessories, mounting plates & cabling

Telex Radio Comms

3 x Remote Follow Focus Systems

1 x Steadicam Magliner Cart

Steadicam Monitoring inc. XCS TB-6, Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6, MK-V Hummingbird

Broadcast support inc. zoom & focus controls, Canon J9 Wide Angle Lens, Triax cabling

Steadicam support inc. Vehicle Hard Mounts, our Steadi Tracker Motorbike and Segway systems

AV support inc. cable trunks, BNC, XLR, BNC component looms, CAT5E, cable drums, 13A & 16A cabling


In addition to our latest equipment purchases, we have invested in a new accounting system – so please be aware that our invoices will have a new look from 2012. This is a part of our drive to refit our office and bookings system, to make quotations and workflow more efficient for ourselves and our clients. So expect a new look to our Invoices and Statements of Account with immediate effect. As per the newsletter we sent out at the start of 2012, our payment terms remain at a strict 30 days for existing clients, and we no longer accept cheques as forms of payment.

Further improving our service, in addition to our trusty VW Transporter 1.9TDI Van, we also now have a second crew vehicle – a Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0TDCI. With massive loadspace and generous legroom for the crew in the back, it’s the perfect vehicle to get our camera crew to where they need to be. It is also capable of handling all the Steadicam and RF kit, too!

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Ellie Goulding ‘Starry Eyed’ US Music Promo

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In June, I had the pleasure of operating Steadicam on Ellie Goulding’s new music promo for the US. The promo is for her UK hit ‘Starry Eyed’, which was shot on the ARRI Alexa, which I’m working with a lot at the moment – there are also Alexa bodies on set at ‘Bound’ (BBC Drama being shot in Sheffield, which I am currently doing Steadicam dailies on)

Ellie Goulding Shoot 3

We posted some information about the background to the Ellie Goulding shoot in a previous blog.

Here is a link for the completed promo on our YouTube channel, currently being screened in the US. http://www.youtube.com/user/steadifacilities?feature=mhee#p/a/f/1/fBf2v4mLM8k

Ellie Goulding Shoot 4

Steadi Tracker

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SF Steadi Tracker

In July 2011, the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision team undertook another test day for our unique Steadi Tracker – the Steadicam Motorbike solution. Designed with Cycling and Marathon coverage in mind, our system comprises of a Steadicam system hardmounted onto a Motorbike. This provides hugely versatile tracking solutions, and provides constantly-usable Steadicam tracking shots at the traditional three-quarter angle used for race coverage.

Steadi Tracker 1

The arm is hardmounted via a plate onto the rear of the Motorbike via a custom plate. For maximum flexibility and operator comfort, we have now also designed a safety brace, comprising of speedrail, which doubles up as a mounting position for an external monitor. The hardmounted monitor is used as a substitute for the usual Steadicam monitor, and provides a 100% viewable image, no matter what angle the motorbike is travelling at.

Steadi Tracker 2

With our design work now finalised, we will be producing a high-profile showreel in coming weeks, and also launching a brand identity and web presence – watch this space…

Steadi Tracker 3

For further information, please email office@steadicam-facilities.co.uk.

BBC Comedy – Pram Face

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Continuing with semi-regular work in Scotland, making a change from the usual football OBs, in June we travelled to Edinburgh for Steadicam dailies on the BBC Comedy ‘Pram Face’ for TX initially on BBC3, followed by BBC2.
Pram Face - Steadicam and Vest

Shot on the RED MX, with Superspeeds and the ARRI LCS onboard the rig, our sequences were a part of the script, set amongst a public event organised by Run Scotland, and presented the challenge of shooting with two units, in a public area – which required a combination of skills including spacial awareness, a multicamera OB mentality of avoiding the ‘A’ camera, and the stamina required more often on a broadcast as opposed to a Drama or Feature. With sequences involving running, jogging and parallel tracking, plus some low mode angles, it was a tough but productive day, which went well.

Pram Face - Steadicam

England Athletics

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England Athletics: Bedford

We have been continuing our work with England Athletics, and we have three Championship events at Bedford which the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision team are covering across the summer.

England Athletics: Bedford ChampionshipsEngland Athletics: Bedford Championships

The first of these events was a resounding success, with a 7-camera PPU, including HJ40 long lens, Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and minicams, in addition to 2 x RF Cameras and fixed camera positions in the stands.  With coverage as live, with web uploads throughout the two days, web hits alone grew to 10,000+ on the first day. Equipment and facilities provided included:

-          5 x SDI Camera Channels

-          2 x 16:9 SD Minicams

-          6 x atmos mics

-          Radio Comms

-          2 x RF Camera systems

-          Power, Camera, Audio cabling around the 400 metre track

-          6 x Camera Operators

-          1 x Vision Director

-          1 x Racks Engineer

-          2 x Editors

-          1 x Production Manager

-          5 x MacBooks

-          1 x PPU

-          …and a LOT of cabling!

Ellie Goulding: ‘Starry Eyed’ US

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Ellie Goulding 'Starry Eyed' US

In June, we shot the promo for Ellie Goulding’s track ‘Starry Eyed’ for the US audience, on location in West London. Shot on the ARRI Alexa, including low mode running shots, performance pieces and tracking shots, I was fortunate enough to operate Steadicam for the vast majority of the promo, with the exception of some handheld sequences inside a car.

Shooting Ellie Goulding 'Starry Eyed' US on the Alexa.

UEFA Championships League

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The final of the UEFA Champions League at Wembley in May provided plenty of work for our London office.

Wembley ArenaUEFA Champions League Final

On the Friday before the match, we provided a full HD RF Camera system with full telemetry (Camera Control via RCP, and tally signal), which I operated handheld for the VIP dinner for officials, at the Roundhouse in Camden which included interviews, the trophy presentation, speeches and a performance of 8 tracks by the band Texas.

Texas at the Round House London UEFA Dinner

On the day of the match itself, we moved across to the Wembley Stadium complex, and with a full Steadicam rig, and another RF Camera system with full telemetry, we provided coverage within the VIP area at the Arena for pre and post-match entertainment and analysis, including panel discussions, music and freestyling footballers.

Boxx HD RF Wireless TXHD Wireless Steadicam Rig at Wembley Arena UEFA Champions League event

Vienna: European & World Rally

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It isn’t every day that a corporate show has a rock & roll rig of 11 artics full of kit and a crew of over 100, but a recent job out in Vienna was just that. I operated a Sony D50 camera on a Vinten Osprey ped in the pit in front of stage. This was one of 5 cameras, including a 72x box lens, an 86x box lens, a Jimmy Jib and a beauty wide.


With an audience of 10,000 in the stadium and a worldwide audience watching the webcast for the 2 days, this was a big show, with everything you would expect – pyrotechnics, a huge PA, massive rig – and a giant glitterball on a track suspended from the ceiling…


We covered cheque giveaways, dancers, singers, an orchestra, conference speeches, audience participation and more. The Vinten Osprey is a hugely versatile pedestal mount, and was used to its full extent including a range of heights, live cranes and peds, and plenty of movement – both to frame the fast moving action, and stay clear of the other cameras!


And to make life more surreal, not content with buiding the set and stage, the Chippies also took part in the show itself. Suitably clad in lederhosen, they performed an ‘interesting’ routine – which is, of course, already online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhTbFuTw1os



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Reading Half Marathon

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Steadi Facilities Camera and Vision provided coverage of the Reading Half Marathon with a variety of camera positions and mounts. These included Steadicam, Jimmy Jib, gyrostabilised helicopter mount, motorbike and scaffold tower.  Steadi Facilities provided one Steadicam Operator and rig, two Camera Operators, a Jimmy Jib Operator and kit, a motorbike rider, a Project Manager, an on-site Editor with FCP Edit Suite and four camera channels.

Flying TV were contracted by Steadi Facilities to provide aerial coverage of the race, this formed the backbone of the race coverage alongside our motorcycle crew.

Highlights edits of our work are available on our YouTube channel, click the following links to view:

Reading Half Marathon Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD0zNjYTfTw

Reading Half Marathon Race Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWpcE2wH7w

England Athletics U20′s Championships 2011

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Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision are proud to be working on a range of Athletics coverage throughout 2011. The first of these events was the England Athletics U20’s Championship weekend at the Birmingham NIA in February.


We provided a full broadcast solution including: one Project Manager, four Camera Operators, one Steadicam Operator, eleven cameras including three robotic mini-cams and three RF cameras, two PPU’s linked via Matrix, cabled and wireless Comms systems, two on-site Editors, two ingest machines, two FCP location edit suites, and one FCP upload machine.

With a brief requiring online upload whilst on-site we delivered live Multicamera coverage of all track and field events taking place simultaneously within the stadium.


Cameras were split into two camera teams; one for track and one for field. However, we also demonstrated flexibility to group the camera teams, swap the camera teams and also operate PSC – an over-running schedule caused an array of issues that were all overcome.


Editing and uploading was completed in its entirety by the end of day two and our work drove a huge volume of online traffic to the England Athletics website – the most hits it had received since the Commonwealth Games of 2002, with 25,000 views being achieved within 24 hours of the event taking place.