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Steadi Tracker

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SF Steadi Tracker

In July 2011, the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision team undertook another test day for our unique Steadi Tracker – the Steadicam Motorbike solution. Designed with Cycling and Marathon coverage in mind, our system comprises of a Steadicam system hardmounted onto a Motorbike. This provides hugely versatile tracking solutions, and provides constantly-usable Steadicam tracking shots at the traditional three-quarter angle used for race coverage.

Steadi Tracker 1

The arm is hardmounted via a plate onto the rear of the Motorbike via a custom plate. For maximum flexibility and operator comfort, we have now also designed a safety brace, comprising of speedrail, which doubles up as a mounting position for an external monitor. The hardmounted monitor is used as a substitute for the usual Steadicam monitor, and provides a 100% viewable image, no matter what angle the motorbike is travelling at.

Steadi Tracker 2

With our design work now finalised, we will be producing a high-profile showreel in coming weeks, and also launching a brand identity and web presence – watch this space…

Steadi Tracker 3

For further information, please emailĀ office@steadicam-facilities.co.uk.

Steadicam Motorbike Hard Mount

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Testing of our new tracker motorbike solution has just been completed. Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision will be providing coverage of a number of half marathon events through 2011, and as a part of our continued development and desire to ‘push the boundaries’ we are developing a hard mount solution for a Steadicam Flyer LE HD to be operated from the rear of a tracking motorbike.


The work, being carried out by Jason Torbitt with David Abra (Cameras & Motorbike Operations) and Pete Hession (Motorbike Rider and Instructor) will see drastic improvement on the images typically delivered by a handheld camera tracking race coverage.


With top box removed and a customised machined plate in place, the bridge plate from a top hat hard mount has been installed, with options for right-handed or left-handed Steadicam operation. Due to viewing angle, a wireless monitor has been installed for operator’s reference. The motorbike also has voice-activated comms for rider and operator, and customised foot plates for a more comfortable seating position.

Further development of the bike will see the addition of a safety brace and an improved monitor mount.