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Jimmy Jib Camera Crane

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Our Jimmy Jib Camera Crane can cover an arm reach of anywhere from 6ft to 40ft. Since its purchase early in 2011, we have covered Athletics Track Events at Bedford, Half Marathons in Reading and Bristol, the City & Guilds Awards show in London, Will Young live in Manchester and Fashion Shows and Fireworks at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.


In addition to myself, we also have Jon and Chris on our crew who are fully trained with the Jib. We always work as a 2-man crew, for Health & Safety and efficiency of operation. We have a full kit with remote capabilities. This means that the Jib operation can be a one man job, with the Operator in control of all Jib movement and control, with the assistant concentrating on crowd safety with the Jib arm – or the operation can be split into a Hot Head Operator and a Grip – which can be useful for longer arm lengths, and for quick paced movement of the arm.


Rates are quoted per production – if you think we can help, let us know! 

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England Athletics

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England Athletics: Bedford

We have been continuing our work with England Athletics, and we have three Championship events at Bedford which the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision team are covering across the summer.

England Athletics: Bedford ChampionshipsEngland Athletics: Bedford Championships

The first of these events was a resounding success, with a 7-camera PPU, including HJ40 long lens, Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and minicams, in addition to 2 x RF Cameras and fixed camera positions in the stands.  With coverage as live, with web uploads throughout the two days, web hits alone grew to 10,000+ on the first day. Equipment and facilities provided included:

-          5 x SDI Camera Channels

-          2 x 16:9 SD Minicams

-          6 x atmos mics

-          Radio Comms

-          2 x RF Camera systems

-          Power, Camera, Audio cabling around the 400 metre track

-          6 x Camera Operators

-          1 x Vision Director

-          1 x Racks Engineer

-          2 x Editors

-          1 x Production Manager

-          5 x MacBooks

-          1 x PPU

-          …and a LOT of cabling!

Jimmy Jib

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In addition to our Steadicam rigs and RF Camera links, our specialist camera support department, Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision, now has a full Jimmy Jib available for use. Most recently, the Jib has been used in 18ft arm reach configuration to cover Athletics, Half Marathons, and most recently an awards show at London’s Roundhouse in Camden, the venue for this year’s annual City & Guilds Awards.

Round House London

Coverage of the walk-ups of winners, winner’s photographs, beauty shots of the room, and coverage of the band on-stage were all  providedby our Jimmy Jib, as a part of a 4-camera HD PPU.

Round House London Jimmy Jib MonitorsRound House London Jimmy Jib

runBritain 10K & Half Marathon Events

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Following on from our coverage of the runBritain Reading Half Marathon, in May the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision crew were on location in Bristol to provide coverage of the Bristol 10k Road Race. With coverage including Steadicam, Motorbike and marked positions along the course, and helicopter coverage from Flying TV, we produced a highlights edit of the event, which is online at http://www.youtube.com/user/steadifacilities#p/u/7/qMROn_8r6Po

Marathon Start LineMarathon Steadicam

Reading Half Marathon

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Steadi Facilities Camera and Vision provided coverage of the Reading Half Marathon with a variety of camera positions and mounts. These included Steadicam, Jimmy Jib, gyrostabilised helicopter mount, motorbike and scaffold tower.  Steadi Facilities provided one Steadicam Operator and rig, two Camera Operators, a Jimmy Jib Operator and kit, a motorbike rider, a Project Manager, an on-site Editor with FCP Edit Suite and four camera channels.

Flying TV were contracted by Steadi Facilities to provide aerial coverage of the race, this formed the backbone of the race coverage alongside our motorcycle crew.

Highlights edits of our work are available on our YouTube channel, click the following links to view:

Reading Half Marathon Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD0zNjYTfTw

Reading Half Marathon Race Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWpcE2wH7w

England Athletics U20′s Championships 2011

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Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision are proud to be working on a range of Athletics coverage throughout 2011. The first of these events was the England Athletics U20’s Championship weekend at the Birmingham NIA in February.


We provided a full broadcast solution including: one Project Manager, four Camera Operators, one Steadicam Operator, eleven cameras including three robotic mini-cams and three RF cameras, two PPU’s linked via Matrix, cabled and wireless Comms systems, two on-site Editors, two ingest machines, two FCP location edit suites, and one FCP upload machine.

With a brief requiring online upload whilst on-site we delivered live Multicamera coverage of all track and field events taking place simultaneously within the stadium.


Cameras were split into two camera teams; one for track and one for field. However, we also demonstrated flexibility to group the camera teams, swap the camera teams and also operate PSC – an over-running schedule caused an array of issues that were all overcome.


Editing and uploading was completed in its entirety by the end of day two and our work drove a huge volume of online traffic to the England Athletics website – the most hits it had received since the Commonwealth Games of 2002, with 25,000 views being achieved within 24 hours of the event taking place.