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Commercial – Cirro E-Cigarettes / Tesco – Steadicam

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Towards the end of 2014 I was asked to operate Steadicam for a green screen shoot at Z Studios in South Manchester. The television commercial, currently going out on ITV channels, is for Cirro e-Cigarettes / Tesco, and was shot on the Red Epic. With substantial post-production and composition, timings, positioning, lighting and hitting marks on the studio floor was all crucial.

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Drama – ‘The Syndicate’ Series 3 [BBC1] – Steadicam

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I’ve recently been lucky enough to be asked to complete Steadicam dailies for Series 3 of ‘The Syndicate’, for TX later in 2015 on BBC 1.

Shooting on the Arri Alexa on locations around Leeds, this follows on from previous work on the first two series, and other dramas including In The Club and Prisoners Wives, with the same team.

Block 2 has been completed, and Block 3 will be underway early in 2015!

Jason Torbitt Steadicam

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OB – Lord Mayor’s Show 2014 [BBC 1] – Steadicam Segway

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November saw an interesting job, with Steadicam Segway for the BBC’s live Outside Broadcast of the Lord Mayor’s Show in Central London.

Using a Sony P1 HD camera with HJ14 and RF Link package on board the Segway X2 with Handsfree Transporter mod and off-road tyres, coverage from Camera 9 consisted of walk-and-talk pieces to camera, interviews, tracking bands and displays, and rehearsed segments to top and tail the show. The soft mounting option allowed for potential to get off and operate on foot for any tight sections where physical space was an issue, but in eventuality, the Segway was used for the duration of the broadcast.

Not without incident, as a military officer at one point unintentionally knocked Jason and the rig off the Segway sideways, (he and all the equipment were fine! Back operating and live shots within 2 minutes of the incident occuring) – aside from that it was an exciting, challenging and rewarding day at work.

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Live Events – Jaguar Land Rover World Dealer Launch – Steadicam

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A recent high-profile world launch of new products for Jaguar Land Rover took place at Earls Court, London in September. The event, which comprised three shoots, included an Alpha Grip tracking car with gyrostabilised Jib, 2 Steadicams, 1 Satellite Link, an 11-camera OB, a 4-camera PPU and a commercial shoot.

Jason operated Steadicam for the World Dealer Product Launch over 4 days, including an 04.30 start for rehearsals.

This was one of the penultimate events to be held at Earls Court, before the recognisable venue closes forever and is demolished. It is usually our home for a week each December just before Christmas for the British Military Tournament, but that show has been cancelled this year. So, this was the last time we will have worked at this historic venue, full of memories.

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OB – World Pipe Band Championships [BBC Scotland] – Steadicam

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Jason has operated Steadicam on this annual event for BBC Scotland every year since 2007.

The RF camera is typically a heavy rig, this year being no exception – in addition to the usual RF video and RF telemetry modules, an additional audio box and extra mic were added, to make it a very long and challenging camera rig to balance and operate in the usual Scottish blustery weather – however, it’s all part of the job, and the day went very well. Operating was shared with veteran John Richards, an inspiration to all Steadicam Operators! The OB is concentrated on the Grade 1 arena at Glasgow Green. The day went very well, with the Steadicam providing a lot of coverage on ground level of the bands. Field Marshall Montgomery once again won the Grade 1 title.

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OB – Ride London [World Feed] – Camera (RF & Superslo)

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Jason recently operated cameras on the OB for the Ride London event. This annual cycling event. billed as the cycling equivalent of the London Marathon, takes place each August in the capital.

Working on the world feed host broadcast coverage meant producing coverage for clients including BBC Sport, British Eurosport amongst others, plus additional domestic material for BBC Sport’s BBC 1 domestic TX.

For post-race and highlights, Jason operated an RF camera at the Finish area at the main OB at Green Park, outside Buckingham Palace. For the highlights, daytime online coverage and iso coverage of celebrities, Jason operated the Superslo with an 86:1 box lens, for tight finish line sequences, which were edited together by the VT crew for playout during the TX.

It was a day of mixed weather, from bright sun and clear blue skies, to torrential rain in the aftermath of a hurricane which had crossed the Atlantic from the US – which was the worst weather which Jason has ever worked in!

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Promo – University of Nottingham – Steadicam

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Jason recently operated Steadicam for a night shoot at the University of Nottingham’s medical centre – shooting on the Arri Alexa for a private corporate client. It was a long night of walking backwards at a variety of paces…with a heavy rig!

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OB – Diamond League Athletics, Glasgow [BBC] – Jimmy Jib

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In July I was fortunate enough to be asked to rig and operate Jimmy Jib for the BBC’s Host Broadcast coverage of the Diamond League Athletics event at Hampden Park, Glasgow. The stadium, which is Scotland’s National Stadium, is home to many high profile sporting events – the Commonwealth Games upcoming being the main one this year – and is a venue which we visit annually in March for the Scottish Communities Cup Final coverage for BBC Scotland, which I operate Steadicam for.

The athletics coverage is host broadcast coverage, with a world feed and domestic feed, with separate field mixes as well, plus BBC-specific cameras to cut in, as well as packages and VTs, which play out over the host broadcast coverage.

The Jimmy Jib was rigged to 18ft, on a platform in the standard position at the end of the back straight, providing coverage of the whole back straight, 200m start area, and final turn into the home 100m straight.

With a 22x lens, tight angles all the way from the 1500m start area were available, with intricate zoom, focus and framing work to do, in addition to sweeping moves at low and high angles around the curve of the track.

The stadium looked beautiful and is all set for the Commonwealth Games – with several thousand miles of camera fibre cables already in place, thanks to the Visions riggers!

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Live Events – Royal Marines Beating Retreat – Steadicam

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This year is a sad year in some respects as our annual event in December, the British Military Tournament, is this year not happening. We have provided Steadicam and RF Facilities for the last four years on this huge annual national event at Earls Court, and it will be a quiet December without it.

Continuing on the Military theme, I recently worked as Jimmy Jib Assistant for BBC’s OB coverage of Trooping The Colour, outside Buckingham Palace in London. In addition to that, I also operated Steadicam for two days at the other end of The Mall at Horse Guards Parade, for the Royal Marines Beating Retreat event.

With a Gigawave RF Link on board the camera, our feed was sent to LED screens and recorded both as a TX and isos for editing and future programme production.

Steadicam coverage included arrival of Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, marching bands, presentation of The Colour and crowd segments.

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This year, 2014, marks 10 years of Steadicam and Camera Operating experience for me, across Television, Film and Live Events. Over the last decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a wide variety of productions – everything from feature films and shorts to commercials, promos, music promos, sport, news and current affairs, to drama and even corporate content, awards ceremonies and music concerts.


Now I’m lucky enough to have a career operating Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and Camera, and also occasional Racks and RF Engineering,Vision Directing and Jimmy Jib Assisting/Focus Pulling, and my work takes me throughout the UK and worldwide.


Some of the work of which I’m most proud is listed below:


Live Television
Scottish Communites Cup Final (BBC) – Steadicam
World Pipe Band Championship (BBC) – Steadicam
SPL Football (ESPN, Sky Sports) – Steadicam
Crimewatch (BBC) – Steadicam
Olympic Torch Relay (BBC) – Steadicam Segway
Diamond Jubilee – Jimmy Jib
Duel in the Pool Swimming Championships - Steadicam
MTV Europe Music Awards – Camera
Rugby League (BBC) – Steadicam & Camera
U20 Rugby 6Nations (BBC) – Jimmy Jib
Sportscene (BBC) – Jimmy Jib

Television Drama & Series
Prisoners’ Wives (BBC) – Steadicam
The Syndicate (BBC) – Steadicam
Mount Pleasant (Sky1) - Steadicam
PramFace (BBC) – Steadicam
Emmerdale (ITV) – Steadicam
Coronation Street (ITV) – Steadicam
Midwives (BBC) – Steadicam
Be Your Own Boss (BBC) – Steadicam
The Culture Show (BBC) – Steadicam
In The Club (BBC) - Steadicam

Live Events

British Military Tournament – Steadicam
Diamond Jubilee – Jimmy Jib
Edinburgh Marathon – Steadicam Motorbike
England Athletics ChampionshipsCamera Crewing, Steadicam, Technical Project Manager
Royal Television Society AwardsCamera
World Track Cycling ChampionshipsCamera
Conservative and Labour Party ConferencesCamera
Manchester City Player of the Year AwardsCamera
British Cycling Track ChampionshipsCamera
Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary TourJimmy Jib
UEFA Champions League VIP - Steadicam
TED Global ConferenceJimmy Jib

Commercials & Music Promos

Gillette Fusion Proglide – Camera
Ellie Goulding: ‘Starry Eyed’ US – Steadicam
Ian Brown: ‘Stellify’ – Steadicam
Manchester City – Steadicam
Manchester United – Steadicam
Mclaren Mercedes Formula 1 – Steadicam

It’s been a huge 10 years, and many thanks to all colleagues and crew who I’ve worked alongside to get me there without falling over, making sure that shots are sharp, and rigging and derigging lots of equipment and transporting it around the country. And thanks to all our clients, contacts and suppliers who have made it all possible. Cheers!

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