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Comedy, Drama, Music, Commercials & OBs were only some of our Steadicam 2011 highlights!

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2011 was a busy year of Steadicam work, with some notable highlights, and the results of some of this will be broadcast through 2012 on the BBC.



Coming up on BBC 3 is new comedy three-parter, ‘Pram Face’. This was shot on the RED MX, and I operated Steadicam on dailies in Edinburgh…including plenty of challenging fast-moving sequences!


On BBC 1 early in 2012, the drama ‘Bound’ is already trailing. Shot on the Alexa in the Sheffield area by DP David Odd, this six-parter was shot over two blocks, and included plenty of Steadicam dailies, with all nature of shot requirements, from trackbacks on 85mm, to running down a street in low mode on a 15mm wide lens – to shooting CUs for a chase scene on a moving tram on its way through Sheffield City Centre.


Also later in 2012, and still currently shooting, is ‘The Syndicate’, again on the Alexa with DP David Odd. I started Steadicam work on this in November 2011, and have more dailies in early 2012. With some rural scenic locations around Leeds, it is providing some lovely Steadicam sequences, including most recently, a low mode backwards track up a flight of stairs!



In other areas, it was an equally challenging year. On the OBs and Live Events side, we had numerous weekends of Athletics live OBs which I operated Steadicam for, plus televised football for BBC Scotland and Sky Sports. Plus plenty of Pipe Band action for BBC Scotland, and a huge array of Awards shows, Concerts and Music events for big screen.


There was also the Music Promo for Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’, amongst others, and the pick of the Commericals work for the year was for NCR cash machines, shot near Glasgow.

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