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This year, 2014, marks 10 years of Steadicam and Camera Operating experience for me, across Television, Film and Live Events. Over the last decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a wide variety of productions – everything from feature films and shorts to commercials, promos, music promos, sport, news and current affairs, to drama and even corporate content, awards ceremonies and music concerts.


Now I’m lucky enough to have a career operating Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and Camera, and also occasional Racks and RF Engineering,Vision Directing and Jimmy Jib Assisting/Focus Pulling, and my work takes me throughout the UK and worldwide.


Some of the work of which I’m most proud is listed below:


Live Television
Scottish Communites Cup Final (BBC) – Steadicam
World Pipe Band Championship (BBC) – Steadicam
SPL Football (ESPN, Sky Sports) – Steadicam
Crimewatch (BBC) – Steadicam
Olympic Torch Relay (BBC) – Steadicam Segway
Diamond Jubilee – Jimmy Jib
Duel in the Pool Swimming Championships - Steadicam
MTV Europe Music Awards – Camera
Rugby League (BBC) – Steadicam & Camera
U20 Rugby 6Nations (BBC) – Jimmy Jib
Sportscene (BBC) – Jimmy Jib

Television Drama & Series
Prisoners’ Wives (BBC) – Steadicam
The Syndicate (BBC) – Steadicam
Mount Pleasant (Sky1) - Steadicam
PramFace (BBC) – Steadicam
Emmerdale (ITV) – Steadicam
Coronation Street (ITV) – Steadicam
Midwives (BBC) – Steadicam
Be Your Own Boss (BBC) – Steadicam
The Culture Show (BBC) – Steadicam
In The Club (BBC) - Steadicam

Live Events

British Military Tournament – Steadicam
Diamond Jubilee – Jimmy Jib
Edinburgh Marathon – Steadicam Motorbike
England Athletics ChampionshipsCamera Crewing, Steadicam, Technical Project Manager
Royal Television Society AwardsCamera
World Track Cycling ChampionshipsCamera
Conservative and Labour Party ConferencesCamera
Manchester City Player of the Year AwardsCamera
British Cycling Track ChampionshipsCamera
Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary TourJimmy Jib
UEFA Champions League VIP - Steadicam
TED Global ConferenceJimmy Jib

Commercials & Music Promos

Gillette Fusion Proglide – Camera
Ellie Goulding: ‘Starry Eyed’ US – Steadicam
Ian Brown: ‘Stellify’ – Steadicam
Manchester City – Steadicam
Manchester United – Steadicam
Mclaren Mercedes Formula 1 – Steadicam

It’s been a huge 10 years, and many thanks to all colleagues and crew who I’ve worked alongside to get me there without falling over, making sure that shots are sharp, and rigging and derigging lots of equipment and transporting it around the country. And thanks to all our clients, contacts and suppliers who have made it all possible. Cheers!

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Jason Torbitt’s Credits CV has been updated – click below. For all bookings and enquiries, please contact Steadi Facilities on 0800 689 9866 or email – please see the ‘Contact’ page for full details.


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FlyKa Electric Tracking Dolly for Steadicam

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We have known the good people at FlyKa, led by Tony Holker, for some years now, and his drive and determination to build on an already successful concept and design should be commended.

The current design of Flyka – an electric tracking vehicle, ideal for Steadicam, including step-ons, step-offs and Low Mode as well, is a brilliant one, but it would always be useful to have the ability to travel faster. The funding for the next generation model is currently in progress. You can read all about the history of FlyKa, and the quest for further development, at the following link: FLYKA KICKSTARTER

You can also visit the FlyKa website at Flyka.tv for more information.


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I’ve found some time to update my latest credits. I’m fortunate enough to work across various genres of Television, Film and Live Events, in particular with Steadicam and Jimmy Jib. Here’s a sample of the work I’ve been doing recently.

Jason Torbitt Credits 2013

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Live Events – Awards Ceremonies – Steadicam & RF

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We have been continuing to work on a number of high-profile corporate awards ceremonies throughout 2013. Typically, Steadicam coverage includes presenter pickups on stage, award winners walk-ups, and GVs, all for the live screen multicamera mix. We provide a package of Steadicam Operator and Assistant, Steadicam Rig c/w broadcast accessory kit inc. tally, zoom/focus gimbal controls, and Boxx Meridian Broadcast RF kit.


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VW Transporter Van – coming off lease!

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May marks the end of our 4 year lease on our VW Transporter van. Having clocked up 82,000 miles in four years – that’s an average of over 20,000 miles per year – with not a single breakdown or fault, it’s a great testament to a reliable workhorse, and I’ll be sad to see her go!


Later this year we will be bringing in a new primary work vehicle, with many more options for our work profile – and full details will follow in due course. Expect plenty of Steadicam and Jib modifications…



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Jason’s 30th Birthday!

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On 29th April, I turned 30, so at the weekend, we all enjoyed my 30th birthday with a great party and plenty of friends. One of the highlights was a very special birthday cake…looks a bit familiar to me…


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Steadicam, Jimmy Jib & RF Links at Steadi Facilities Ltd

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For 2013, in addition to my regular Camera, Steadicam and Jib operating work, our company is organising its equipment and facilities into three areas:

- Steadicam
- Jimmy Jib
- RF Links

We are developing our equipment inventory to offer full facilities with all accessories for Television, Film and Live Events in all three of these areas. Together with this, we are redeveloping the website with a new image to organise our credits, equipment lists and services we offer, so that with one click, all the info for each of our service areas is available on one page. Our new look image will be on its way soon.

Steadi Facilities Ltd Steadi Facilities Ltd

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Live Events – Track Cycling World Cup – RF Camera [Handheld]

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I’ve had the pleasure of working on Track Cycling events at Manchester Velodrome since 2009, and in 2012 we covered two events there, and one at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow.

We provide the RF OB link for a wireless RF camera, which I operate handheld, for sports presentation (LED screen feeds). This is used for presenter pieces to camera, interviews / walkarounds, and depending on broadcast coverage, on-track athlete introductions, and close-up whip pans on the inner corners of the steeply-sloped track.

Track Cycling is hugely enjoyable to be involved in, and the atmosphere is something to be savoured.

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Commerical – Gillette Fusion Proglide [Camera Operator]

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It’s been a couple of years since I was one of the Operators on the Gillette Fusion Proglide Commercial ‘Invasion’ (DP: Paul Herley) – but having come across a set of photos, I thought it was worthwhile reflecting on.


The commercials themselves were shot over a two week block at Shepperton, for broadcast in seven European Countries. Surprised shavers were caught unawares by hidden minicams, two RED units behind one-way glass (the ‘mirror’) and two handheld F900 units who ran in to the set with a presenter – this was one of the cameras which I was working with for the whole duration.


With HD 22x lens, top light and support inc the trusty blue modular handle, it was a heavy rig to shoulder, and the ACs made us some nice shoulder pads from foam and gaffer tape – after 2 weeks, it was starting to get tough!


The DITs and Editors were on site, with an epic amount of material to ingest and edit. The finished commercials looked great – some links to these are below, and via our YouTube account – steadifacilities.

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