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Jason Torbitt’s Credits CV has been updated – click below. For all bookings and enquiries, please contact Steadi Facilities on 0800 689 9866 or email – please see the ‘Contact’ page for full details.


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Drama – ‘In The Club’ [BBC] – Steadicam

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2014 has begun well, as Jason is working on new television drama, currently shooting in Leeds, ‘In The Club’, due for TX in the autumn. Jason is Steadicam operating on dailies, on the Alexa. The first day involved tracking scenes, largely at 75fps, working on Cookes, working between 18mm and 65mm.

The photos show shooting taking place for the titles sequence and promo / trail material. It involved a lot of walking backwards, and even taking an escalator backwards…needless to say, Jason enjoyed working with Grip Adam once again!

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OB – Duel in the Pool Swimming Championships [Sky Sports 2] -Steadicam

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In December 2013 we were at the Tollcross International Aquatics Centre in Glasgow, working on the OB for the Swimming Championships – USA v. Europe. This annual event was last held in the UK in Manchester in 2011, and back then Jason operated an RF handheld for the sports presentation. This year, Jason was operating Steadicam for the Host Broadcast feed, for Sky Sports 2 in the UK, and NBC in the US.

The Steadicam was vital to the broadcast coverage, as in addition to athlete entries, team presentations, trophy presentation and beauty shots / colour for graphics etc, we also provided all the poolside tracking shots, replacing the tracking camera system due to space constraints.

Needless to say from an operating perspective, this was hugely demanding, as during the 2 days of 3-hour live OBs, there were only two instances to rest per day during TX, meaning that Jason was operating and wearing the rig for, at one stage, over 2 hours without a break.

With the PDW-700 on board, with Canon HJ11 and Link Research clip-on TX and telemetry kit, Jason took control of zoom/focus on board the Steadicam, with Assistant Scott spotting and providing lane notes (and much needed drinks!)

It is hoped this format will be repeated for this spring’s championships, and then the Commonwealth Games themselves in the summer.

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Commercial – Brother Printers – Steadicam

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December 2013, and we were in Sheffield on location, filming a commercial for Brother office printers. Shot on the Arri Alexa, in Low Mode for the whole day, this featured a series of complex 65mm and 18mm tracking sequences. Navigating around a tight office set, with numerous lighting obstacles to overcome, it was a highly rewarding shoot for us to be involved with. Jason operated Steadicam with his Focus Puller Paul.

The shoot gave us the opportunity to test the new Teradeck Bolt HD Video Assist link, and the results were pleasing. Our Bartech (BFD) kit was used for Remote Follow Focus.

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Live Events – British Military Tournament – Steadicam & RF

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December 2013 saw another of our annual events come around again. We were back at Earls Court in London for the fourth successive year, for coverage of the British Military Tournament. The event is covered by box and standard lenses on the balcony, but the only camera on the arena floor is the Steadicam, operated by Jason and supplied with full RF kit and RF Engineer for camera racking by Steadi Facilities.

Coverage included marching bands, battle re-enactments, musical drive and the obligatory Field Gun Run.

Steadicam operating is tough, but ultimately highly rewarding, over long durations and rehearsals and shows take place over a 5-day period.

As usual, we provided the Boxx Meridian Broadcast system for RF coverage across the whole of the arena.

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Studio – Sportscene [BBC Scotland] – Jimmy Jib

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In November 2013 we travelled to BBC Scotland’s headquarters at Pacific Quay in Glasgow with a 9ft Jimmy Jib camera crane for some studio work. Most of our work tends to be OBs, so it was a welcome change to be working in a warm studio.

With the 9ft Jib we provided a holding 3-shot during analysis of match highlights of a recent Champions League match. Our Jimmy Jib was operated by Jason, with assistant Chris.

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Live Events – Rugby Football Union 10th Anniversary Dinner, Battersea – Steadicam & RF

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In November 2013 we were at Battersea Evolution providing a Steadicam and RF solution for the RFU celebratory dinner, for the 10th Anniversary of England’s momentous Rugby World Cup win.

Jason operated Steadicam, assisted by Scott, and we provided our full Steadicam rig complete with a RF camera package consisting of a PDW-700, Canon HJ11 and Cobham RF Link, which sent our HD-SDI pictures back from the whole marquee area, and also the red carpet arrivals for the teams arrival and entrance.

In addition to screens on the night, pictures were also fed live to satellite trucks for TX on Sky Sports News and BT Sport.

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