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Archive for August, 2013

OB – World Pipe Band Championship [BBC1 Scotland] – Steadicam

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This year was the 6th year I’ve operated Steadicam for BBC Scotland at the World Pipe Band Championships, alongside John Richards. Winners this year were Field Marshall Montgomery, on a day which had both bright sun and heavy downpours of rain – together with a strong blustery wind. Together, it all added up for a hard day of Steadicam, but a very enjoyable one as ever.


Our Steadicam coverage includes tracking, 360 degree rotations, and a lot of track backs. The end of the day sees the winning band march out of Glasgow Green playing – and this means just over 10 minutes of continual walking backwards, with a heavy RF camera (Sony HDC-1500 with VideoSys metalwork, and Gigawave RF video & telemetry units)…it’s something which always brings memories of another annual job I cover, the British Military Tournament at Earls Court each December. We’ll be back there later this year!


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Corporate – ‘Bringing Science to Life’ – Steadicam

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A recent job in August this year saw us travelling to Seal Sands, Teesside, and then Gateshead Athletics Stadium, to shoot a corporate film regarding the applications of carbon fibre. The example we were covering was the use of carbon fibre in prosthetic legs for paralympic athletes.

Shooting on the Sony FS-700 with a selection of lenses, we achieved GVs and detail CU cutaways for previously-filmed interviews. My focus puller for the day was Paul Warsaw – thanks to him for these photos.


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I’ve found some time to update my latest credits. I’m fortunate enough to work across various genres of Television, Film and Live Events, in particular with Steadicam and Jimmy Jib. Here’s a sample of the work I’ve been doing recently.

Jason Torbitt Credits 2013

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ENG – BBC News Feature VT – Steadicam

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We recently did a recce and shoot for BBC News. The piece, a special feature regarding the finances of Premier League football, was shot in a day at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s ground. Shot on the PMW-500, with Jason operating Steadicam plus some GVs and cutaways on sticks, we had autocue also on the rig, with a 5″ direct view LCD monitor mounted above the lens.


We had a highly portable solution on the shoot day. Working off our Steadicam Magliner, we had docking, RF receivers, autocue control and director’s monitoring all on board, meaning we could move around the stadium with the minimum of fuss, and therefore maximising our shooting time, on what was a demanding day of filming. Various versions for BBC News Channel, BBC World, BBC News at 6 and BBC News at 10 were produced. Here is one of the versions currently available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23715132


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Live Events – TED Global Conference – Jimmy Jib, RF & Steadicam

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For 2013′s TED Global annual conference held in Edinburgh, Steadi Facilities provided its client with a camera support package consisting of our Jimmy Jib Camera Crane (working at a length of 12ft), our Steadicam rig, and Boxx Meridian Broadcast HD-SDI RF Link, together with an AirPaint RF Telemetry package for the RF Camera. Together with our crew, led by Jimmy Jib Operator Jason Torbitt, we worked over the full 7 days of rigging, rehearsal and show days.

The Jimmy Jib was located stage left, to provide reverse angle coverage including wides, LS, MS right into reverse MCUs of speakers. We also provided top shots and detail of exhibited items. The RF camera was operating either handheld or with Steadicam, and this provided coverage in the audience for reactions and cutaways for the live webcast and screen feed. We were working with Sony HXC-100 cameras for the conference.

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Live Events – Awards Ceremonies – Steadicam & RF

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We have been continuing to work on a number of high-profile corporate awards ceremonies throughout 2013. Typically, Steadicam coverage includes presenter pickups on stage, award winners walk-ups, and GVs, all for the live screen multicamera mix. We provide a package of Steadicam Operator and Assistant, Steadicam Rig c/w broadcast accessory kit inc. tally, zoom/focus gimbal controls, and Boxx Meridian Broadcast RF kit.


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Live Events – Champions League VIP, Wembley – Steadicam & RF

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This year we once again provided Steadicam and RF Facilities for the VIP Reception at Wembley Arena on Champions League Final day. Our coverage included pre- and post- match commentary and analysis, together with events including freestyle football, pieces to camera, competitor sports and teams entrance. The function is for VIPs and invited guests only,  and is an annual event on Champions League Final day.

We provided Steadicam and RF links for video and audio, plus a wireless presenter’s mic. We provided production with SDI and audio feeds from the Steadicam. Jason Torbitt operated, assisted by Paul Warsaw.

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