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Archive for May, 2013

VW Transporter Van – coming off lease!

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May marks the end of our 4 year lease on our VW Transporter van. Having clocked up 82,000 miles in four years – that’s an average of over 20,000 miles per year – with not a single breakdown or fault, it’s a great testament to a reliable workhorse, and I’ll be sad to see her go!


Later this year we will be bringing in a new primary work vehicle, with many more options for our work profile – and full details will follow in due course. Expect plenty of Steadicam and Jib modifications…



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Feature Film – ‘Bypass’ – Steadicam

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Recently I’ve been working on Feature Film ‘Bypass’ for Third Films, currently shooting on locations in the Newcastle, Gateshead and Durham areas. Steadicam dailies have included numerous tracking sequences in regular and low mode. Most recently, a full day of Vehicle Mount work was completed, again in both regular and low mode.


For the duration, we were mounted to the Quad Bike using our Vehicle / Hard Mount Plate. We achieved some great tracking shots of the talent riding a bicycle, for particular scenes of the film.

But it’s never all good news and plain sailing in the world of Steadicam. The Steadicam arm is often subject to heavy loads and stress – typically carrying a payload of around 75kg per day, so it’s important to inspect and service it regularly. Over the course of my career, I’ve done a lot of hard mount work, including working from Quads, Trucks, Segway and the FlyKa system.

At the end of this shoot, after an intensive day of hard mount work, a large speed bump which we had not travelled over previously, at too high a speed on a gradient was negotiated by the Quad Bike, and the arm bottomed out – causing a spring and pulley cables to shatter, inflicting damage such as cracked elbow and bent adjuster screw as well. Fortunately, rain covers were on the arm at the time, which caught the numerous flying objects as they shot out at speed on impact.

We always use wire safety bonds and ratchet straps for extra security when hard mounting, to protect both rig and operator. Also, precautions such as backing off the arm tension, and use of a four-point harness for the Operator mean that it’s all undertaken as carefully as possible, to minimise risk to equipment and operator. In this instance, these precautions, and a strong set of arms on my part (!) meant that disaster was averted when the worst happened.



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Jason’s 30th Birthday!

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On 29th April, I turned 30, so at the weekend, we all enjoyed my 30th birthday with a great party and plenty of friends. One of the highlights was a very special birthday cake…looks a bit familiar to me…


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