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Live Events: Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour, London O2 Arena – Jimmy Jib

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November 2012 saw one of the highest profile jobs of the year, when we had the honour of working on the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour. We provided our 24ft Jimmy Jib camera crane and 2-man crew.


With 1 test day, 4 rehearsal days and 2 show days, it was an intense period for all show crew. The stage itself was 10ft tall, and with our Jib base being on ground level, without any decking or riser, we had to devise a plan to actually see the movement of the artists. So, we opened our Video Assist box, which sees little use due to the diminishing role of film cameras. We used our old Sony XC-77 Arri Video Tap camera, on a magic arm, clamped to give us an overview of the stage. At the Jib base, we had our iso camera monitor, a TX monitor, and a third monitor with the feed from the mini.


With a horseshoe-shaped walkway over and across the crowds of people, some 13,000 per show, we provided sweeping and tight detail shots of the action for LED and projection screens, and for media release – the footage was shown by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News. Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards all did their part and played to our camera.


The Rolling Stones are an iconic band and the atmosphere at the O2, together with the rock and roll music the band produced, was something I’ll remember for a long time.

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Live Events – British Military Tournament 2012 – Steadicam & RF

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2012 was the third year we have covered the British Military Tournament, and we will be working on the event until at least 2014. Steadi Facilities provides Steadicam Operator and Rig, HD-SDI RF Link, and RF Telemetry with Assistant/RF Technician.

This year, we racked our camera at the Steadicam docking stand, where we set up a control area. With a whole arena floor to cover, two docking ┬ástands are used, one at each end. Our stand just below Production Control area and the PPU is our main base. From our RF receiver, high in the stands, we ran a HD-SDI DA, to split feeds to the Vision Mixer and our 17″ HD-SDI Engineering Monitor. At our base, we racked our RF camera using the scopes on our monitor, where we could also charge Steadicam sled batteries.

On the Steadicam sled, camera, RF TX, and monitor are all powered from sled batteries, and zoom/focus is controlled onboard at the gimbal (in previous years we’ve done Remote Follow Focus, but we’ve reverted to our usual Live Events rig – due to speed, horses, and quick shot changes, it’s easier to have a dedicated spotter than a Focus Puller)

The Steadicam work itself is tough and demanding, but hugely enjoyable. With 3 x 10 hour rehearsal days for blocking, and 2 x show days, with two shows per day, it’s a demanding schedule which involves wearing the rig for 1.5 hour durations apiece – on show days alone, that’s 6 hours of wearing the rig, and there’s a lot of running and tracking of marching bands to do. But, it’s hugely enjoyable and a pleasure to be a part of -we’re looking forward to December already!


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OB – Scotland v. Tonga Rugby Union [BBC 1 Scotland] – Steadicam

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November 2011 saw us working again in Scotland. Basing ourselves out of Glasgow as usual, we had a longer journey to site than usual, as the match was at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen. I’ve worked here before covering SPL Football on Steadicam, and it’s the furthest North we travel during the year.

The Scotland v. Tonga international fixture was an action-packed match, and we got some great coverage from the RF Camera.

Warm-Ups, Teams Out, National Anthems & Haka – Steadicam
Reverse Angle Touchline (during match) – Handheld Camera
Post Match Celebrations & Interview – Steadicam

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Drama – ‘Prisoners Wives’ [BBC 1], Steadicam

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After completing Steadicam dailies on Series 1 of Prisoners Wives in 2011 (DP: David Odd, Dir: Damon Thomas / Harry Bradbeer), it was a pleasure to be asked back by Tiger Aspect for Series 2, shooting in 2012 (DP: Dave Marsh, Dir: Harry Bradbeer).

Shooting on the Alexa in locations in and around Sheffield, the series tracks the fortunes of the wives of prisoners and follows their highs and lows as they adjust to a new way of life.

Series 2, TX of which will be on BBC 1 shortly, has an intense start, beginning with a Steadicam sequence.

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Feature Film – ‘The Accidental Death of a Cyclist’ – Steadicam Vehicle Mount Tracking

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In 2012 I worked on a feature concentrating on the issues which Lance Armstrong’s perceived success for so many years in cycling had created. Notably, those cyclists at their peak during this time, but were unable to be recognised as champions due to Armstrong’s consistent victories (he has since admitted to consistent use of performance-enhancing drugs).


Our work was to track a peloton of cyclists taking part in a staged road race. With our Steadicam rig attached to one of Anglo American’s tracking vehicles, we provided tight detail and tight group shots of the peloton cycling through the beautiful (if soaking wet and very windy!) scenery of the Peak District.


We began the day with a huge 24-390 Optimo Zoom lens balanced on the sled, which due to its excessive weight, hard mounting and wind factors, was universally agreed to be replaced with a 135mm for all the vehicle mount work. Looking at the photos of ‘the beast’ below, it was probably one of the best decisions of my career!

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PSC – Mr. Bloom’s Nursery [BBC Cbeebies] – Jimmy Jib

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In 2012 we worked on BBC Cbeebies’ programme, Mr. Bloom’s Nursery. On both occasions we provided an 18ft Jimmy Jib with crew for PSC work on a PMW-500. As we work locally in both Glasgow and Manchester, we worked on an episode in Kilmarnock, and an episode in Clapham (Yorkshire).

Scenes include beauty shots and GVs of outdoor events, and transitional links between scenes.

On both occasions we were lucky enough to have good weather…how long can our good luck last for?!

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Live Events – Track Cycling World Cup – RF Camera [Handheld]

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I’ve had the pleasure of working on Track Cycling events at Manchester Velodrome since 2009, and in 2012 we covered two events there, and one at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow.

We provide the RF OB link for a wireless RF camera, which I operate handheld, for sports presentation (LED screen feeds). This is used for presenter pieces to camera, interviews / walkarounds, and depending on broadcast coverage, on-track athlete introductions, and close-up whip pans on the inner corners of the steeply-sloped track.

Track Cycling is hugely enjoyable to be involved in, and the atmosphere is something to be savoured.

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Live Events – Paris Motorshow McLaren Launch – Jimmy Jib

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In 2012, in addition to our work at the Geneva Motorshow, we also travelled to the Paris Motorshow, again with our 24ft Jimmy Jib camera crane.


Working on the McLaren stand, the Jib provided coverage of a car launch with the associated pyrotechnics, lighting and, of course speeches… The dynamic camera moves which are offered by the Jib are sought-after for car shows and new product launches, and this provides a great way of increasing production value, and offering spectators and the world’s press some alternative angles of the cars as they are unveiled.


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Commerical – Gillette Fusion Proglide [Camera Operator]

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It’s been a couple of years since I was one of the Operators on the Gillette Fusion Proglide Commercial ‘Invasion’ (DP: Paul Herley) – but having come across a set of photos, I thought it was worthwhile reflecting on.


The commercials themselves were shot over a two week block at Shepperton, for broadcast in seven European Countries. Surprised shavers were caught unawares by hidden minicams, two RED units behind one-way glass (the ‘mirror’) and two handheld F900 units who ran in to the set with a presenter – this was one of the cameras which I was working with for the whole duration.


With HD 22x lens, top light and support inc the trusty blue modular handle, it was a heavy rig to shoulder, and the ACs made us some nice shoulder pads from foam and gaffer tape – after 2 weeks, it was starting to get tough!


The DITs and Editors were on site, with an epic amount of material to ingest and edit. The finished commercials looked great – some links to these are below, and via our YouTube account – steadifacilities.

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