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Live Events – Paralympic Torch Relay, Cardiff – RF Links

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August 2012 saw us travel to Cardiff to provide RF Links for a wireless RF Camera, and also a point-to-point feed, to link two areas of the Cardiff site together for the LOCOG screen feed. Having worked for both broadcast and audio visual productions for the Olympic Torch relay, and provided Steadicam Segway and Jimmy Jib, we were pleased to be able to provide RF Links for one leg of the Paralympic Torch Relay.

Situated outside Cardiff’s WMC, we used our portable Boxx RF link to provide a wireless SDI feed from a handheld camera, which was used on ground level amongst the crowd, and at the top of the neighbouring Water Tower, a 21 metre-high metal structure. This proved to be an RF challenge, as besides the driving rain and high wind speeds into the camera lens, the transmitter was higher than the receiver, which was at ground level – so this required point-to-point linking, via directional antennae, pointing directly at the receiver on the ground. We achieved some great shots of the fireworks from this elevated position.

The second link fed the LED screen from the control area, 150 metres away, with our Outside Broadcast Boxx RF link, and this was also SDI.

Despite awful weather conditions, heavy rain and high winds, the endurance of both equipment and crew was fully tested, and it all went well on the night!

And as with all OBs, it’s never truly wireless – we still used 50 metres of triax, 65 metres of 16 amp power cable, 15 metres of SDI BNC cable loom and a small pile of cable and PSUs.

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OB – World Pipe Band Championships [BBC1 Scotland] – Steadicam

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The World Pipe Band Championships are broadcast on the web live all day, and last year was viewed in 80 different countries worldwide. An audience of 20,000 watches live on Glasgow Green, and the programme is edited into a 45 minute highlights programme, the TX of which takes place on BBC 1 Scotland, the week after the event.

2012 is the fifth year Jason Torbitt has operated Steadicam on the Championships for BBC Scotland, alongside colleague John Richards, a Steadicam veteran in the broadcast world!

Equipped with an SD Gigawave RF Camera (Sony E30 head with D-Cam back end), tally is supplied on a data cable output, zoom/focus is adjusted by the Steadicam Operators on the gimbal, and Motorolas provide comms to the Director in the Scanner.

Field Marshall Montgomery won the coveted Grade 1 Award for the second year in succession, watched by the BBC’s cameras, including Steadicam, Technocrane, Hoist, 2 long lenses and an Osprey Ped on track, plus the SCU crews recording to XDCAM disc.

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Studio – Crimewatch [BBC 1] – Steadicam

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In July, Jason was asked to operate Steadicam for the live TX of Crimewatch, in the studios of BBC Cymru, in Cardiff. For the live studio programme, Steadicam is used for presenter links, walk-and-talk segments, and interviews, providing a means of developing shots from singles to groups and vice-versa. The Steadicam is used as Camera 1 and is used for all the main presenter segments.

As usual for studio work, the camera is cabled on Triax, so we used our lightweight Steadicam Triax Adapter cable to interface between Steadicam sled and the main Triax cable (connected at the Steadicam vest). Zoom was done at the gimbal, and we used Remote Follow Focus.

The programme TX is live on BBC1 for the hour-long broadcast, and the Crimewatch Update programme TX is an additional 10-minute BBC 1 broadcast after the network BBC News at 10.

Steadicam Operator:  Jason Torbitt
Steadicam Focus Puller: Chris Higgins


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Live Events – Burghley House Awards Ceremony – 2 x RF Steadicam Systems & Crew

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We ended the busy month of June with a high-end corporate awards ceremony at Burghley House, near Stamford, Peterborough. The ceremony and dinner took place in the grounds of the house. Steadi Facilities provided two RF Steadicam systems, to cover pre-event highlights coverage, and live-to-screen relay for the awards themselves, with the Steadicams being used to walk the winners to the stage, and provide bridging beauty shots. With 1,200 attendees covering some 145 tables, it was a big area to cover.

Steadi Facilities provided:
- 2 Steadicam Rigs
- 2 RF Cameras (DSR-450s w/SDI to Boxx RF Link Kit)
- 1 Radio Comms Base Station
- 4 Radio Comms beltpacks & headsets
- 2 Steadicam Operators
- 2 Steadicam Assistants/RF Technicians

Steadicam Operators: Jason Torbitt & Jonathan Galione
Steadicam Assistants: Chris Johnson-Standley & Chris Higgins


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Live Events – Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Hyde Park, London – 24ft Jimmy Jib

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June was our busiest month of the year, and we spent three days at the Main Stage in Hyde Park, London, with our 24ft Jimmy Jib camera crane. As part of the multicamera mix, live on LED walls throughout Hyde Park and other areas of London, we covered the festivities in both driving rain and bright sun!

Jason and Chris rigged the Jib, and Chris operated with Jon for the show days. Our usual method of operating the 24ft arm and upwards, is to rig it for two-man operation – one to work as Grip for arm-swinging, and one to operate Hot Head. Having covered the Geneva Motorshow, Olympic Torch relay and the Hyde Park Diamond Jubilee celebrations in this way, we’ve got a good system of working.

Hyde Park:

Jimmy Jib
Rigger: Jason Torbitt
Grip: Chris Johnson-Standley
Remote Head: Jonathan Galione

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PSC – ‘Be Your Own Boss’ [BBC 3], Steadicam

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In June, we worked on a new BBC 3 series ‘Be Your Own Boss’, shot on location in East London on the PMW-800 XDCAM HD.

The series is a younger person’s ‘Apprentice’-style programme, with entrepeneur Richard Reed, the co-founder of Innocent smoothies, giving 500 entrepeneurs/ teams a chance of success – digging into his own pocket in the process, with no guarantee of seeing a profit! The documentary focusses on Richard’s success and insight into the world of business.

Jason Torbitt operated Steadicam for two days with one of our assistants, Scott Nolan, Focus Pulling. It was a long, demanding day for Steadicam. We covered two of three pitching days, whereby we covered walk-and-talks, GVs, and a long series of sales pitches to Richard, shot with a Steadicam master shot and two handheld close-ups. We also covered group discussions, on a drifting wide, in the soft set, where a group of entrepreneurs discussed the various pros and cons of the different pitches.

Although the days were long, it was a great show for us to be involved with, with a hardworking crew and demanding schedule – but it was all good fun!

Be Your Own Boss
Steadicam Operator: Jason Torbitt
Steadicam Focus Puller: Scott Nolan

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Live Events – Railfest & Battle of Britain Fly-Past – Camera Operator

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In June, we worked on location at the National Railway Museum in York, for coverage of the Railfest event – a collection of various British railway locomotives and rolling stock from all eras of time. Steadi Facilities provided its SD camera kit complete with EFP viewfinder and remote zoom/focus, and Jason Torbitt was camera operating up a scaffold tower overlooking the presentation area.

Coverage was fed to three LED screens and captured live for web streaming on-demand.

The highlight of the opening day was the naming of East Coast Class 91, number 91110 ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’. Upon naming, a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster flew in formation overhead, and performed several fly-pasts over the event and the city of York, at one point performing a spectacular turn in formation over York Minster – an emotional sight and sound for all concerned.

Coverage was provided with two cameras, for both naming ceremony, speeches and the fly-past, and the HJ-22 lens on our camera allowed for spectacular close-ups of the aircraft in flight.

Camera Operator: Jason Torbitt

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OB – BBC Olympic Torch Relay – Steadicam Segway, Jimmy Jib & RF Links

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In June 2012 we were in Newcastle for the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Torch visiting the city. The torch was zip-wired off the Tyne Bridge, and then relaid on foot from the Quayside, over Millennium Bridge, and all the way along the Quay Front, to reach the stage and presentation area where the cauldron was waiting.

Jason Torbitt operated Steadicam on the Segway, our SteadiTracker Segway system, and he takes up the detail:-

It was a wet, windy day and we had been brought in by the BBC to provide tracking shots of the torch over the 10 minutes it took for the relay to reach the stage area. Onboard the Segway, conditions were tricky – made worse by the driving rain and standing water on the sloping and curving Millennium Bridge – but it was essential to get the shots. To begin, we had to operate soft-mounted, as we needed to negotiate a section on foot at the start and end of the torch relay, so hard mounting wasn’t an option. Also, to improve monitor visibility, as it was a direct over-the-shoulder ‘don juan’ shot (something which I only do when really neccessary – I walk backwards 95% of the time) – we spun the base on my Nexus sled, so that the camera lens (a Canon HJ-11) was over my shoulder, but the Steadicam monitor was in its usual place in front of me. This made pan and horizon control a challenge – left is right, and right is left…but with plenty of practice, it’s a good method of working. All of this, plus some great work by the RF Engineers from the BBC, meant we could deliver unbroken images from the moment the Olympic Torch touched down Quayside, to the moment the cauldron was lit on stage (after jumping off the Segway and following the torch bearer up stairs). It was a great day of work and brilliant to be involved in the Olympic Torch movement. Special thanks also to my assistant Jonathan Galione – he had to run the whole way on foot! (several times, including rehearsals…)

Steadicam Operator: Jason Torbitt
Steadicam Assistant: Jonathan Galione

We also covered the Torch Relay in Stockport at Adidas HQ, one of the main official sponsors. We rigged our 24ft Jimmy Jib to track torch bearers, including Keith Lemon, to and from the stage area. To provide a feed from a camera in a hoist, Steadi Facilities also supplied our Boxx SDI RF Link, to avoid trailing cable.

Jimmy Jib & RF Crew:
Jonathan Galione
Chris Johnson-Standley


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Live Events – Edinburgh Marathon – Steadicam Motorbike [SteadiTracker]

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In May 2012 we travelled to Edinburgh for coverage of the Edinburgh Marathon and Half Marathon – an epic day of motorcycle riding for all concerned, being onboard the bikes for nearly six hours in total.

To provide highlights coverage for a Sky Sports edited programme, Steadi Facilities’ Motorbike teams were brought in by their client to provide both traditional handheld coverage, and Steadicam coverage utilising our unique Steadicam Motorbike solution – the SteadiTracker.

Having recently provided motorbike camera crews for Reading and Bristol Half Marathons, the Edinburgh Marathon provided great views and glorious weather for our crews.

Shot on lightweight Sony HD cameras, at the request of the client for workflow purposes, we tracked both the leading male and female packs, plus provided the story of the race from midfield, together with picking out celebrities and characters on our way.

The SteadiTracker Motorbike is the only solution of its kind in the world, and more info can be found elsewhere on our website – see http://www.steadicam-facilities.co.uk/services-operator.php?services_id=29#content

Pilot (SteadiTracker): David Abra
Pilot (Camera Bike): Pete Hession
Operator (SteadiTracker): Jason Torbitt
Operator (Handheld): Jonathan Galione


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Live Events – A Summer of Hope & Glory at The Trafford Centre – RF Camera

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In May, The Trafford Centre in Manchester launched it’s ‘Summer of Hope and Glory’ theme with an array of fashion shows, presentations, dancing and demonstrations in the Malls. Faced with the challenge of providing wireless camera coverage across the whole of the upper and lower floors of shopping malls, without any trailing cable or obstruction, Steadi Facilities worked with Trafford Centre Television to provide RF Camera coverage.

Having previously covered ‘pop-up’ viral-style fashion shows in a similar fashion, utilising our RF links connected to existing Triax cable points built into the Trafford Centre as an install, the challenge was slightly greater for these most recent events. To minimise downtime and switching between Triax points, we utilised two of our Boxx RF links back-to-back to provide increased range, from one end of the Trafford Centre to the other – still with zero delay.

In addition to carrying SDI video from the camera, we also sent wireless audio feeds up to the Vision Control, with both presenter’s mic and soundtrack for the fashion shows being sent over our RF links.

To make use of existing Triax connections, of which there are thirteen in various locations in corridors, floors and ceilings of the Trafford Centre, Steadi Facilities also supplied Lemo Triax to Coax (BNC) adapters, allowing the SDI to reach the studio, complete with embedded audio, in the simplest way possible.

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