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Archive for February, 2012

Live Events – Live at the Apollo – Camera Operations

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Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision has provided its client with a kit and crew solution for a recent ‘Live at the Apollo’ production at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. The production, covering the last two nights of comedian Omid Djalili’s tour, will form a DVD release. Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision provided camera kit and crew to supplement the vision facilities provided by the client.

Camera coverage comprised an 8 camera HD mix with Sony HXC-100s:
6 x tripod mounts
2 x HJ40 long lenses
2 x HJ11 Wide Angle lenses for handheld cameras
1 x HD-SDI RF Link for beauty shot camera
650 metres of triax cable in total allowed for all cameras to be fully engineered.

All cameras were fed into the  HD2 OB Unit, the hub of which is the new BlackMagic HD Switcher, which offers 16 HD-SDI inputs and a range of keying and FX options, plus stills store.

All cameras were iso recorded, plus two TX records, which were all captured directly onto hard drives in Apple ProRes, utilising IVTV’s rack of 10 Atomos Samurai decks.

Cameras were racked using scopes fed to HD-SDI engineering monitors, and audio was mixed on a 16-channel desk incorporating both house audio and HD2 atmos microphones to capture the full environment inside the Apollo.

Comms were all switched via the HD2 matrix, and included lines to cameras, via CCUs and triax, plus radio comms integration for Floor Managers working inside the venue.

Jason Torbitt looked after the project as Camera Supervisor. Our crew included:
6 x Camera Operators
1 x Camera Assistant


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FlyKa Steadicam Tracking Solution

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At Steadi Facilities, we have our own range of tracking systems, including our unique Steadi Tracker Motorbike, ideal for marathon coverage, and also Steadi Tracker Segway (Handsfree Transporter) – ideal for numerous applications. We also have facility for Quad Bike mounting, which allows us to keep pace with motor vehicles and allows for high speed tracking.

In partnership with our friends at FlyKa, we now offer the FlyKa Electric Dolly as a tracking solution for Steadicam. Its incredibly quiet noise profile makes it ideal for sound recordists and live events alike, and its durability and flexibility make it the perfect solution for longer takes.

The rig can be mounted in regular or low mode,  at the front or rear of the FlyKa. It can also be soft mounted (i.e. worn by the operator) or hard mounted onto the Flyka via our Steadicam Hard Mount / Vehicle mount. This allows for numerous options including step-on / step-off potential for long takes…ideal for drama. Steadi Facilities Ltd will be continuing to work with FlyKa in the future as the vehicles are developed further.

For further details, please see the FlyKa website at www.flyka.tv

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World Events in London

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In January, the Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision team were on location in London. We supplied a 6-man crew, to include both PSC and Live Events camera crew, plus Steadicam Operator, Rig and 1 x SDI RF Camera channel with comms.

The event, over 3 days in central London, was a high profile conference for a blue chip pharmaceutical company. Cameras, via a PPU, provided part of the screen content which was fed through a multi-projector blend and a Spyder system.

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Drama – ‘The Syndicate’ [BBC 1] – Steadicam

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Demonstrating the flexibility of Steadicam, in my latest day working on ‘The Syndicate’ (new BBC1 drama, Dir: Kay Mellor, DP: David Odd BSC) we had the rig in super-post low mode, hard mounted to a Quad Bike, shooting on the Arri Alexa.

We were tracking a Porsche 911 at speed, from a standing start, and preceding the car as it was used as a getaway vehicle, in a Leeds city centre shoot. We managed to achieve a shot at just over 1 foot from ground level as we accelerated away.  The results were dynamic, to say the least!

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