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Transport Solutions

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Further improving our service, in addition to our trusty VW Transporter 1.9TDI van, we also now have a second crew vehicle – a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI. With massive loadspace and generous legroom for the crew in the back, it’s the perfect vehicle to get our camera crew to where they need to be, in comfort.


With the sheer amount of loadspace available, we can also travel the whole Steadicam rig and RF Kit in the car, which facilitates many of our larger productions of late, which in some cases have meant multiple Steadicam rigs, or Steadicam and Jimmy Jib.


With these improvements to our transport arrangements, our future work will benefit greatly.


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Jimmy Jib Camera Crane

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Our Jimmy Jib Camera Crane can cover an arm reach of anywhere from 6ft to 40ft. Since its purchase early in 2011, we have covered Athletics Track Events at Bedford, Half Marathons in Reading and Bristol, the City & Guilds Awards show in London, Will Young live in Manchester and Fashion Shows and Fireworks at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.


In addition to myself, we also have Jon and Chris on our crew who are fully trained with the Jib. We always work as a 2-man crew, for Health & Safety and efficiency of operation. We have a full kit with remote capabilities. This means that the Jib operation can be a one man job, with the Operator in control of all Jib movement and control, with the assistant concentrating on crowd safety with the Jib arm – or the operation can be split into a Hot Head Operator and a Grip – which can be useful for longer arm lengths, and for quick paced movement of the arm.


Rates are quoted per production – if you think we can help, let us know! 

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Comedy, Drama, Music, Commercials & OBs were only some of our Steadicam 2011 highlights!

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2011 was a busy year of Steadicam work, with some notable highlights, and the results of some of this will be broadcast through 2012 on the BBC.



Coming up on BBC 3 is new comedy three-parter, ‘Pram Face’. This was shot on the RED MX, and I operated Steadicam on dailies in Edinburgh…including plenty of challenging fast-moving sequences!


On BBC 1 early in 2012, the drama ‘Bound’ is already trailing. Shot on the Alexa in the Sheffield area by DP David Odd, this six-parter was shot over two blocks, and included plenty of Steadicam dailies, with all nature of shot requirements, from trackbacks on 85mm, to running down a street in low mode on a 15mm wide lens – to shooting CUs for a chase scene on a moving tram on its way through Sheffield City Centre.


Also later in 2012, and still currently shooting, is ‘The Syndicate’, again on the Alexa with DP David Odd. I started Steadicam work on this in November 2011, and have more dailies in early 2012. With some rural scenic locations around Leeds, it is providing some lovely Steadicam sequences, including most recently, a low mode backwards track up a flight of stairs!



In other areas, it was an equally challenging year. On the OBs and Live Events side, we had numerous weekends of Athletics live OBs which I operated Steadicam for, plus televised football for BBC Scotland and Sky Sports. Plus plenty of Pipe Band action for BBC Scotland, and a huge array of Awards shows, Concerts and Music events for big screen.


There was also the Music Promo for Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’, amongst others, and the pick of the Commericals work for the year was for NCR cash machines, shot near Glasgow.

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Live Events – British Military Tournament 2011 – Steadicam & RF

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I’ve had the pleasure of operating Steadicam in 2010 and 2011 for the British Military Tournament at Earls Court, London – which was this year watched by Her Majesty The Queen.

Steadi Facilities provided Steadicam Operator, Steadicam Assistant/Focus Puller, Steadicam HD Rig and HD RF OB Link Kit, to send our feed to the Vision Mixer. A demanding schedule of 2 rehearsal days, followed by 3 show days, with 2 performances per day, means it is a true endurance test or stamina and leg-power! The Steadicam is used to work throughout the whole arena floor, including entrances at both ends, and shots include tracking whilst both walking and jogging at pace, plus locked off low angle CUs to provide alternative coverage to the other cameras all high in the stands. It’s a true pleasure to be involved in such a great event.

We have two videos on our YouTube channel – a highlights video from 2010, and a ‘behind the scenes’ of our Steadicam operations from 2010. Click on the headings below to view the footage.

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New equipment… and more!

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We are pleased to announce that we have been increasing our inventory of equipment, and have recently purchased a Boxx OB RF Receiver. This means that we now have 2 complete HD RF wireless systems, suitable for all applications.


We have 2 camera-mounted TX units, plus 2 RX units (suitable for Outside Broadcast, Live Events / Multicamera, & Video Assist on set).

We own both an OB Receiver, which has multiple antennae and is stand mounted, and a portable Receiver, which is suitable for use in a variety of mounting options, including use with portable LCDs. It can also be stand mounted.


With our existing Telex Radio Comms kit, we now have the facility to provide 2 complete wireless HD or SD camera channels in-house. The RF links can support all video formats:- HD-SDI, SDI, component HD / SD, and composite. We also have HD-SDI Das, to provide multiple HD-SDI outputs, and we can also output simultaneous composite video for preview monitoring purposes if required.


We have been offering wireless camera solutions for some years now, but have now reached the stage of providing full kits for both handheld and Steadicam options. We have recently even used one of our links as a point-to-point RF link with our Jimmy Jib camera crane. We also provided a full RF kit for the World Netball Series in Liverpool (handheld camera) & British Military Tournament in London (Steadicam).


For Live Events, Music, and Awards shows, we offer great quality service packages. We have a standard package of a 2-man crew plus all the kit – which includes Steadicam Operator, Steadicam Rig (inc. zoom & focus), Steadicam/RF Assistant, RF Wireless Link Kit, Radio Comms and HD or SD camera and lens (if required).  We can also integrate seamlessly into our clients’ PPU or equivalent, by providing additional RF Telemetry kits – to enable our camera to be racked remotely by the Vision Engineer, to match other triax cabled cameras. Our RF Links have zero compression, and zero delay – cutting perfectly with other cabled systems cameras – making them a perfect choice for Multicamera applications…and also perfect for Video Assist on set of dramas and music promos.


We now have

2 x Steadicam systems

1 x Jimmy Jib Camera Crane (6ft-40ft)

2 x HD RF Wireless Links

1 x 17” HD Monitor

Camera Support Accessories, mounting plates & cabling

Telex Radio Comms

3 x Remote Follow Focus Systems

1 x Steadicam Magliner Cart

Steadicam Monitoring inc. XCS TB-6, Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6, MK-V Hummingbird

Broadcast support inc. zoom & focus controls, Canon J9 Wide Angle Lens, Triax cabling

Steadicam support inc. Vehicle Hard Mounts, our Steadi Tracker Motorbike and Segway systems

AV support inc. cable trunks, BNC, XLR, BNC component looms, CAT5E, cable drums, 13A & 16A cabling


In addition to our latest equipment purchases, we have invested in a new accounting system – so please be aware that our invoices will have a new look from 2012. This is a part of our drive to refit our office and bookings system, to make quotations and workflow more efficient for ourselves and our clients. So expect a new look to our Invoices and Statements of Account with immediate effect. As per the newsletter we sent out at the start of 2012, our payment terms remain at a strict 30 days for existing clients, and we no longer accept cheques as forms of payment.

Further improving our service, in addition to our trusty VW Transporter 1.9TDI Van, we also now have a second crew vehicle – a Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0TDCI. With massive loadspace and generous legroom for the crew in the back, it’s the perfect vehicle to get our camera crew to where they need to be. It is also capable of handling all the Steadicam and RF kit, too!

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