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Steadicam Motorbike Hard Mount

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Testing of our new tracker motorbike solution has just been completed. Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision will be providing coverage of a number of half marathon events through 2011, and as a part of our continued development and desire to ‘push the boundaries’ we are developing a hard mount solution for a Steadicam Flyer LE HD to be operated from the rear of a tracking motorbike.


The work, being carried out by Jason Torbitt with David Abra (Cameras & Motorbike Operations) and Pete Hession (Motorbike Rider and Instructor) will see drastic improvement on the images typically delivered by a handheld camera tracking race coverage.


With top box removed and a customised machined plate in place, the bridge plate from a top hat hard mount has been installed, with options for right-handed or left-handed Steadicam operation. Due to viewing angle, a wireless monitor has been installed for operator’s reference. The motorbike also has voice-activated comms for rider and operator, and customised foot plates for a more comfortable seating position.

Further development of the bike will see the addition of a safety brace and an improved monitor mount.

Vienna: European & World Rally

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It isn’t every day that a corporate show has a rock & roll rig of 11 artics full of kit and a crew of over 100, but a recent job out in Vienna was just that. I operated a Sony D50 camera on a Vinten Osprey ped in the pit in front of stage. This was one of 5 cameras, including a 72x box lens, an 86x box lens, a Jimmy Jib and a beauty wide.


With an audience of 10,000 in the stadium and a worldwide audience watching the webcast for the 2 days, this was a big show, with everything you would expect – pyrotechnics, a huge PA, massive rig – and a giant glitterball on a track suspended from the ceiling…


We covered cheque giveaways, dancers, singers, an orchestra, conference speeches, audience participation and more. The Vinten Osprey is a hugely versatile pedestal mount, and was used to its full extent including a range of heights, live cranes and peds, and plenty of movement – both to frame the fast moving action, and stay clear of the other cameras!


And to make life more surreal, not content with buiding the set and stage, the Chippies also took part in the show itself. Suitably clad in lederhosen, they performed an ‘interesting’ routine – which is, of course, already online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhTbFuTw1os



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Reading Half Marathon

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Steadi Facilities Camera and Vision provided coverage of the Reading Half Marathon with a variety of camera positions and mounts. These included Steadicam, Jimmy Jib, gyrostabilised helicopter mount, motorbike and scaffold tower.  Steadi Facilities provided one Steadicam Operator and rig, two Camera Operators, a Jimmy Jib Operator and kit, a motorbike rider, a Project Manager, an on-site Editor with FCP Edit Suite and four camera channels.

Flying TV were contracted by Steadi Facilities to provide aerial coverage of the race, this formed the backbone of the race coverage alongside our motorcycle crew.

Highlights edits of our work are available on our YouTube channel, click the following links to view:

Reading Half Marathon Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD0zNjYTfTw

Reading Half Marathon Race Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWpcE2wH7w

England Athletics U20′s Championships 2011

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Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision are proud to be working on a range of Athletics coverage throughout 2011. The first of these events was the England Athletics U20’s Championship weekend at the Birmingham NIA in February.


We provided a full broadcast solution including: one Project Manager, four Camera Operators, one Steadicam Operator, eleven cameras including three robotic mini-cams and three RF cameras, two PPU’s linked via Matrix, cabled and wireless Comms systems, two on-site Editors, two ingest machines, two FCP location edit suites, and one FCP upload machine.

With a brief requiring online upload whilst on-site we delivered live Multicamera coverage of all track and field events taking place simultaneously within the stadium.


Cameras were split into two camera teams; one for track and one for field. However, we also demonstrated flexibility to group the camera teams, swap the camera teams and also operate PSC – an over-running schedule caused an array of issues that were all overcome.


Editing and uploading was completed in its entirety by the end of day two and our work drove a huge volume of online traffic to the England Athletics website – the most hits it had received since the Commonwealth Games of 2002, with 25,000 views being achieved within 24 hours of the event taking place.




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Steadi Facilities has provided dry hire of a full Steadicam kit to PULP Films for the production of feature film ‘PULP’. Kit included: a RED-ready HD-SDI Steadicam Rig, HD-SDI Video Assist and a remote follow focus kit.

Fashion Shows

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Fashion Shows have been keeping me busy in recent weeks at various venues in the North West. From designer labels and exclusive shows, such as Selfridges and Bench, to the latest season’s trends and style, and more recently a ‘People’s Catwalk’ presented and produced by fashion designer Jeff Banks.

TC Show

Here is an example of some recent shows at the Trafford Centre, Manchester.


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Eventcast Webcasting

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One of my clients, Glasgows, has recently launched an online interactive events platform. Called EventCast, it allows live camera relay to be synced with presentations, interactive voting and panel discussion to a potentially huge number of users.

Click the picture of the webcasting studio below to see the first Eventcast studio demo programme.


During late 2010 there were four transmissions of the service in a studio setup which I operated for. Cameras were Sony D50 CCZ, with Vinten Studio Pedestals and Autocues. Now well into 2011, the service is seeing regular use by leading public and private sector companies.


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Television Commercial operating

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September, aside from being the ‘silly season’ for AV and Live Events, for multicamera and PPU work, was also a busy month of Commercials work.

I spent two and a half weeks working on a £ multi-million and international Commercial for Gillette in studios at Shepperton. The shoot involved 2 x RED cameras, 2 x Sony F900 CineAlta HDCAMs, and 7 x Toshiba HD minicams. We provided material in 7 different languages for broadcast in 7 countries around the world.

The pictures below are linked to a few of the worldwide Gillette commercial campaign YouTube videos which are currently being broadcast on television and online. Click each of the pictures to view the videos

Director Fabio Nesi and DP Paul Hurley led the team and I was one of four Operators and part of a 9 strong Camera Department, working handheld under studio lighting for a minimum of 12 hours a day for over two weeks. With 3 DITs on-set too, the workflow was vast.

And in addition to shooting BCUs and colour shots for the commercial, we were also Featured Artists – and the commericals have been broadcast in the UK since late February.


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Multicamera Live Events

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Live Events, Multicamera and AV provide a good volume of work for Steadi Facilities Cameras & Vision around the country, and primarily Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and the North West, Midlands and London.

We provide everything from one-man single camera operators upto a multicamera crew. Working on behalf of the largest and leading AV suppliers, and in-house for the biggest and busiest venues, we provide operators and equipment where required.

Generally much of our work is with PPUs (Portable Production Unit) with cameras all running at SDI with full broadcast support including tally, EFP kits including 5″ viewfinders and servo zoom and focus remotes. We can also integrate full wireless RF camera channel into any PPU via our fully digital RF video links and Radio Comms kits.

No matter what the show or event, however big or small, we can provide camera crew and facilities to suit, and each job enquiry will be quoted and priced accordingly to work with the client’s budget.

RF links and comms, Autocue, camera support including Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and Studio Peds are all often requested alongside the usual PPU and triax or CCZ camera channels.


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SPL football Steadicam

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I’m continuing live OB Steadicam work on the football. In particular, I often takes the long trips to Scotland to cover SPL matches broadcast on ESPN, Sky Sports and BBC Scotland. On days like these, I’m glad of our crew van –  a black VW Transporter with full carpeted racking for all kit, and just as importantly, the air con and comfortable seats! And our business account with a well-known hotel establishment, of course.

Most recently I was at Aberdeen for BBC Scotland, on a typically cold and blustery day.

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