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OB – World Pipe Band Championships 2016 [BBC Scotland] – Steadicam

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In August, I was once again in Glasgow to operate Steadicam along with colleague John Richards for the World Pipe Band Championships 2016. ‘The Worlds’ features over 8,000 participants from 254 different Pipe Bands from countries all around the world. Bands compete for the coveted Grade 1 title, and this year’s winners were Field Marshal Montgomery.

I have worked on this event since 2007 for BBC Scotland. In addition to the live OB which is also streamed online, a highlights programme is edited from the iso records and SCU crews.

In addition to the Steadicam, this year with a Sony P1 in RF configuration, which is operated by myself and John, there is a hoist, Technocrane, Osprey Ped on track and long lenses to complete the coverage.

It is a demanding 14-hour marathon day, which, like the military and marching band work which I do a lot of, is physically and mentally draining – but is also hugely rewarding and enjoyable to work on, and it is good to see the same faces and bands returning each year.

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OB – British Athletics Championships, Birmingham [BBC] – Jimmy Jib

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In June I operated Jimmy Jib for the BBC’s coverage of the British Athletics Championship 3-day event at Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium. As usual for athletics track coverage, it was an 18ft Jib situated at the 200m start area. With a 22:1 lens, coverage includes right down the back straight, back turn and 200m start area, providing coverage of all track races and GVs, crowd and beauty shots in between for GFX overlays.

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SNG – EU Referendum, Sunderland [BBC News / Sky News / ITV News] – Steadicam

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Following on from my Steadicam work at Downing Street in the General Election 2015, I was asked to travel to Sunderland for the EU Referendum results count and declaration. Sunderland is a key count, in that they are normally first to declare, and have a well-rehearsed rapid execution of the ballot box arrival process. In this EU Referendum, Sunderland was also expected to be the first to Vote Leave (which they did).

The EU Referendum was a landmark political and life-changing moment in our country’s history, and the subsequent Leave win sparked huge political upheaval, with both the Prime Minister declaring his resignation and the Leader of the Opposition coming under severe pressure to do the same. Both the government and opposition are currently in turmoil, and the markets and currency rates are yet to stabilise. 46.5 million people were eligable to vote on this incredible day.

Steadicam coverage was demanding, whilst working for the BBC’s coverage, I was also part of the syndicated pool feed for BBC, Sky and ITN (being directed from Sky’s SNG van) to cover ballot box arrivals outside the count. For down-the-lines and results coverage, I was working for the BBC’s coverage, and working to their SNG van and director. Two earpieces and two directors always makes for an intriguing live job!

A PMW-500 complete with RF link and iso recording was used on the rig.

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Live Event – Royal Marines Beating Retreat 2016 – Steadicam

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The Royal Marines this year conducted their largest ever Beating Retreat at Horse Guards Parade in London. The event, which happens every two years, was well-attended by spectators both in the stands at Horse Guards and lining the route along The Mall and Birdcage Walk.

I was pleased to be invited back again to operate Steadicam on the event. It is a tough, demanding job which requires a lot of stamina. The rig was picked up at 1700 and not docked on the stand again until 2000 – 3 hours in the vest, including tracking the marching bands, arrival of VIPs, pre- and post- event iso record coverage, full coverage of the event at Horse Guards Parade, and the utilising of a Golf Buggy to provide soft mounted shots of the Royal Marines as they made their way down The Mall, past Buckingham Palace and round to Wellington Barracks.

It’s one of the more demanding jobs of the calendar year, and is hugely enjoyable. It was also nice, as is customary at the military events I’m lucky enough to work on, to get plenty of positive feedback from spectators and members of the public at the event – including a client who just happened to be watching! It’s a small world…

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Drama/Soap – Emmerdale [ITV] – Steadicam

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Emmerdale – Steadicam Operator

I am occasionally asked by ITV to operate Steadicam for Coronation Street and Emmerdale. In April, it was back to the Emmerdale village near Leeds, for a day of beautiful sunshine – and some of Yorkshire’s finest gale force winds! Cameras here are Sony HD cabled (fibre) and coverage included walk-and-talks and set pieces…where the weather permitted!

Steadicam Emmerdale

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Studio – Crimewatch [BBC] – Steadicam

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Crimewatch – Steadicam Operator

I was once again invited back to the BBC Wales studios at Cardiff for studio presentation of the monthly Crimewatch programme. As usual, the Steadicam operates on triax cable, camera 1 of 6, with autocue LCD mounted above the lens. My tally/cue light repeater is an essential aid for this programme for the presenter links. The new studio layout is a pleasure to work with, and feels more open…and less easy to get lost in!

Steadicam Crimewatch

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OB – Lord Mayor’s Show [BBC] – Steadicam Segway

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Lord Mayor’s Show – Steadicam Segway Operator

For the second year, I was invited back for the BBC’s 13-camera coverage of the Lord Mayor’s Show in Central London. The Sony P1 RF camera package was again provided by Broadcast RF, and this year I operated with the sled hard mounted to the Segway, as there was no requirement for any operating dismounted. Once again, the challenging task of navigating around the parade was dealt with. Children, animals, torrential rain, Steadicams, Segways and Jimmy Jibs…it can only be the Lord Mayor’s Show!

Steadicam Segway Lord Mayors Show

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OB – General Election, Downing Street [BBC/World Feed] – Steadicam

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General Election, Downing Street – Steadicam Operator

On the results day for the General Election 2015 I was at Downing Stree, Central London for the main host broadcast news coverage of proceedings – which included 5 cameras – and the Prime Minister’s speech outside Number 10. A very early start and tense atmosphere marked the day, and it was a privilege to see the day unfold within the ‘Westminster bubble’. Some quite incredible results were coming in by the minute, and it felt like a truly historical day, a landmark for politics in our country. An RF camera was supplied and coverage included arrivals and departures, the Prime Minister David Cameron’s arrival and subsequent speech.

Steadicam Downing Street

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OB – 6 Nations Rugby [BBC/World Feed] – Jimmy Jib

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Six Nations Rugby – Jimmy Jib Operator

I was at Murrayfield, Edinburgh for the culmination of the 6Nations 2015 including the trophy lift at the end of the match. I was operating an 18ft Jimmy Jib, and coverage included pre-match pres for BBC [domestic feed] and then during the game, crowd reactions and reverse angle behind the sticks [world feed], followed by the trophy lift and post-match celebrations…after a long and tense wait for the result of the England match down at Twickenham!

Jimmy Jib Murrayfield

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Live Events – BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2014 – Camera

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In December 2014 I was working in Glasgow at the SECC for the BBC’s SPOTY event. Back in 2007, we provided a Remote Follow Focus and Zoom control for one of the Steadicam rigs on the show, and this year I was operating a camera with a 22:1 lens for pre and post-show segments, including arrivals and interviews. It’s been a busy and momentous year for sport, and it was a real privilege to be part of the conclusion to it!

Jason Torbitt Camera Operator

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