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OB – Great Manchester Run [BBC] – Moto Camera

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This event was a true privilege to work on. In the aftermath of the Manchester terror attacks which left 22 dead and 60 injured, the Great Manchester Run served a tremendous purpose to the people of Manchester. Just a week after the horrendous events unfolded at the Arena, here was a city with a smile on its face, with proud hearts and a quite incredible atmosphere all around which I will never forget.

For the broadcast, I was working as Moto Camera Operator for the Film Nova-produced coverage for BBC Sport, with Visions providing the facilities, Timeline Television the RF, TV Motos Europe the motos, and the crew from ANVC.

TV Motos Europe has invested in 5 BMW electric motorbikes which are fully kitted out for broadcast usage, including Autocom / Motorola comms, panniers, side steps, RF mast, onboard battery power supplies and comfortable seating. The electric bikes have proven to be quiet, great at low speeds, and a remarkable range for long road races. On this event, 3 Motos were deployed; the RF travelling via Helicopter to a fixed wing aircraft flying at 22,000 feet, and the downlink feeding into the Scanner in the OB compound via a separate OB compound for RF and Moto facilities.

I was operating on the lead bike for the Men’s race and Wheelchair race, providing coverage of the leaders as they followed the route around Manchester’s city centre, out to Old Trafford and back again. Following race coverage, GVs and masses coverage was provided, and we relocated the bike several times to provide various GVs, from both standing and sitting positions, and also handheld off the bike for low angle and crowd shots.

It was a truly incredible spectacle and atmosphere, and the spirit of the people of our great City was unforgettable.

Moto Camera Operator

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PSC: University of Bolton [Corporate]

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I recently operated Steadicam for PSC Corporate shoot at the University of Bolton’s Inauguration of New Chancellor parade. The finished edit will form a promotional piece for the University and Council.

Jason Torbitt Steadicam


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OB: Great Edinburgh CrossCountry & Winter Run [BBC] – Steadicam Quad Bike

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Having worked in Manchester, London, Cardiff and Newcastle in recent months, it was up to Edinburgh in January for the OB coverage of the Great Edinburgh Cross Country event, produced by Film Nova for BBC Sport and international feeds.

I operated Steadicam hard mounted onto a Quad Bike, providing tracking race coverage of the various cross country races live for the OB. We also provided iso recorded highlights of the Great Winter run which were recorded in camera due the extensive course which took us away from the main event area and outside the limits of the RF links. The race took place before going on air, and the resulting highlights VT was played out during TX.

Amongst the challenges of this OB was the rough terrain, which is testing the limits of both operational skill and ability, and the physical capability of the rig. The director was extremely pleased with the results and our solid coverage was extensively used.

The Quad Bike, from TV Motos Europe, is fully rigged for Steadicam use, and the hard mount bracket can be positioned wherever suitable for the operator. We carried spare batteries on board for camera and sled, and in-helmet comms are a mix of the comms circuit together with a closed channel between driver and operator.

Steadicam Quad Bike

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OB: Rugby Internationals [BBC Wales] – Steadicam

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Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium was visited in November, as I operated Steadicam for the BBC / S4C OB of the rugby Autumn International match of Wales v. Japan. The atmosphere with the roof closed in the stadium has to be experienced to be believed!

Coverage included warm-ups, teams out, national anthems and team presentation, followed by match coverage on the touchline, and full time celebrations.

It was once again appreciated to have the Sony P1 camera on the rig in RF configuration, which saves some weight over the more traditional camera bodies.

Steadicam Operator Cardiff

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OB: Team GB Heroes Parade, Manchester [Host TX] – Jimmy Jib

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Manchester was the chosen location for the Team GB Heroes Parade, to mark the achievements of the Team GB squad at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I was operating Jimmy Jib for the Host Broadcast coverage, pooled for BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4. Located at the main stage in Albert Square with an 18ft Jimmy Jib, suitably adorned with the Union Flag, the usual blend of colour shots and GVs were provided, together with all the athlete introductions to stage.

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OB: Great City Games & Great North Run [BBC] – Jimmy Jib

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Gateshead and South Shields were visited in September, as I was operating Jimmy Jib for Film Nova’s BBC OB coverage of the Great North City Games and Great North Run.

For the Great North City Games, a 12’ Jib overslung was rigged for Pole Vault coverage, which I operated on the Saturday.

On the Sunday, for the Great North Run itself, I had relocated to South Shields at 200m out from the finish to provide the master shot of the race closing stages on the approach to the finish line, with Mo Farah passing us to claim victory.

Beautiful weather dominated the weekend and the atmosphere was, as usual, exceptional.

Jimmy Jib Great North Run

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OB: Great South Run [Channel 5] – Jimmy Jib

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Portsmouth was the location for the Great South Run, for which I was operating Jimmy Jib for Film Nova’s OB coverage for Channel 5. I was positioned at the finish line with an 18’ Jimmy Jib for the master finish shot, on a gloriously sunny day by the sea.


Jimmy Jib Great South Run

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OB: Lord Mayor’s Show [BBC] – Steadicam Segway

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I was once again in London in November for the BBC’s coverage of the Lord Mayor’s Show, operating Steadicam Segway as usual. The RF camera was once again a Sony P1 with Broadcast RF kit. With the rig hard mounted to the Segway, the usual mixture of presenter PTCs, tracking group interviews, and tracking colour shots and GVs from the parade were provided. And as usual, torrential rain was provided to make it a cold and wet OB!

Steadicam Segway BBC

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Soap / Drama: Coronation Street [ITV] – Jimmy Jib

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It is always a pleasure to work on the lot and in the studios at ITV Coronation Street, and over the years I’ve worked there as Steadicam Operator, Jimmy Jib Operator and Jimmy Jib Focus Puller / Assistant.

This block of work in Manchester over a 2 week period was special as it involved pre-production meetings, recces and two weeks of shooting a stunt scene involving a car crash, burning fuel, flame throwers and pyrotechnics as ITV’s contribution to ‘Super Soap Week’. I worked as Jimmy Jib Operator for this block, and with an 18’ Jib, we moved around the lot to provide coverage from many angles, including tight overhead detail where required.

Jimmy Jib Coronation Street

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OB – World Pipe Band Championships 2016 [BBC Scotland] – Steadicam

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In August, I was once again in Glasgow to operate Steadicam along with colleague John Richards for the World Pipe Band Championships 2016. ‘The Worlds’ features over 8,000 participants from 254 different Pipe Bands from countries all around the world. Bands compete for the coveted Grade 1 title, and this year’s winners were Field Marshal Montgomery.

I have worked on this event since 2007 for BBC Scotland. In addition to the live OB which is also streamed online, a highlights programme is edited from the iso records and SCU crews.

In addition to the Steadicam, this year with a Sony P1 in RF configuration, which is operated by myself and John, there is a hoist, Technocrane, Osprey Ped on track and long lenses to complete the coverage.

It is a demanding 14-hour marathon day, which, like the military and marching band work which I do a lot of, is physically and mentally draining – but is also hugely rewarding and enjoyable to work on, and it is good to see the same faces and bands returning each year.

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